El Equipo SII Argentina estáformado por profesionales especialistas en diferentes áreas que completan todo el ámbito tecnológico. Especialmente y debido a su participación en emblemáticos proyectos a nivel internacional e inversión de recursos, SII Argentina destaca por su experiencia y excelencia en determinadas áreas:

Consultoría estratégica
Public Administration

Despite the great technological advances that the Public Administration has experienced in recent years, there are still many challenges ahead to achieve the total transformation towards a digital government, open, transparent and oriented to the citizen.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones
Banking & Insurances

We accompany our customers in the banking sector on their way to digital transformation. We are experts in consulting, security, development and application testing, and a long etcetera of services based on the strict security and transparency requirements of this sector.

Software testing & QA
Industry & Services

It is one of the broadest sectors and at the same time requires more specific solutions. The industry and services encompass very diverse activities, such as tourism, construction, service providers, e-commerce, and a long etcetera. But all of them have a common goal: to offer their clients the best possible user experience.

Comunicaciones y Redes

The utilities sector is exposed to numerous changes due to the increase in the demand for services and the constant changes in legislation, in addition to technological innovation. Thus, in a similar situation, operational efficiency and flexibility are fundamental to make a difference.

Centro Atención Usuario

In a few years there has been rapid evolution of the health system, which has been fostered by technological advances and scientific innovation. And this same evolution, this digital transformation that we live in the health sector generates the need to generate new services and improve existing ones.

Facility Management

Adaptation and speed are key in the telecommunications sector, where the digital revolution is transforming every industry and organization. A booming sector that, along with the new models of customer-company relationship, demands flexibility, adaptation and above all, agility.