We offer a comprehensive and personalized service that covers all technological áreasthrough specific and customized solutions for each of our clients.

In this way, we respond to the set of processes that can be developed in the field of IT, so that our clients can focus on their Core Business, having full confidence and guarantee with the work performed by SII Argentina.

Consultoría estratégica
Strategic consulting 
Our strategic IT consulting services cover all processes related to the maintenance, management and use of information in business, as well as the technologies that support it, effectively contributing to the development of organizations’ value chain.
Desarrollo de aplicaciones
Software development
We create, implement and maintain specific software solutions customized to our clients. Our team has experts in different areas to build the best solutions and be able to offer added value to the processes involved. 
Software testing & QA
Testing & QA

We have specialized technical teams with a high experience in the verification and analysis of software. Thanks to our Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance services, we ensure the maximum efficiency and quality based on the use of the main and most advanced tools and methodologies of the market.

Comunicaciones y Redes
Telecommunications & Infraestructures

We offer customers an engineering, operations and support service that covers the field of IT infrastructure and applications. We also have a team of professionals specialized in the provision of services for Workplace Management.

Centro Atención Usuario
User Service Center

An IT User Service Center serves as a single access point for the users of an organization when it comes to managing their incidents and service provision in everything related to the use of the information systems of any kind of organization.

Facility Management

As the Group’s Software Factory, SII Argentina has developed numerous projects dedicated to the creation of its own products. This includes ServiceONE®, the Smart solution focused on infrastructure management and service, and DocManager, our own tool for documentary management.